Reduce your slip claim losses, at scale

The SAFER Portal allows underwriters to protect their loss ratios by reducing slip-and-fall claim frequency & improving defensibility - at scale

All policyholders can access a digital platform which shares, implements & evidences proven best practices

Lower losses across your entire client base for a fixed, annual investment

Modest, fixed fee

For an investment equivalent to only one or two moderate slip-and-fall claims, you can offer your entire book access to a digital risk management solution.

Reduce accidents therefore claims

The SAFER Portal teaches clients how to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, therefore claims. The best practices policyholders can implement are drawn from our 10+ years' experience helping to reduce accidents by at least 50%.

Improve defensibility

It provides data which serves as evidential proof in the event of any claims. Most claims succeed due to a lack of robust evidence; the Portal produces thorough, digitally-timestamped data.

Protect your margins

A single slip claim can wipe out years' profit on many accounts. Proactively manage risk, even in these small accounts, which typically would be left to run with fingers crossed.

Generate 100+ data points per insured client site

"Data is the new oil" rings true, yet it;s often hard to generate insights from claims data alone. By embedding The SAFER Portal into your client sites, you'll receive 100+ valuable data points about your insureds' safety philosophy, strategy and implementation.

Enhance relationships

Solve a meaningful problem for your policyholders in an innovative way. Become a trusted, long-term partner for clients and distribution partners.

Keep people safe

Stop policyholders' staff and customers from getting hurt by the most common accident type.

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What outputs does the SAFER Portal achieve?

✔️ Clients get best-in-class knowledge and frameworks

✔️ Proven risk reduction and claims defensibility systems are implemented

✔️ All client activity is tracked and evidenced  

The benefits for underwriters

✅ Lower accident and claims frequency

✅ Improve claims defensibility rates

✅ Protect premium levels and underwriting profitability

✅ Generate huge amounts of data insights

✅ Strengthen client relationships through value and innovation  

How does The SAFER Portal work?

🔹  The SAFER Portal is a digital risk management tool which can be made available to unlimited policyholders

🔹  Clients receive educational content and training sessions on the 6 causes of slips (CHIMES). Most businesses look at the problem of slips too superficially. CHIMES is our model that sets out the breadth of reasons slips might occur, to ensure that clients look at this holistically and in sufficient depth:

🔹  Training is also delivered on claims defensibility


🔹  Policyholders receive a range of practical and implementable best practice solutions to use in their businesses (including: tailored cleaning regimes; witness statement templates; how-to guides on choosing slip-resistant footwear and ensuring your building entrances are safe... and much more)

🔹  Ongoing support (e.g. weekly Q&A webinars, a user community and sharing of success stories), monitoring and retraining is included

🔹  All activity is tracked to produce evidence in the event of any claims (e.g. in location A where a slip claim occurs, the insured can demonstrate that 10x staff members received training; that they implemented X, Y and Z systems; and thereby that they more than discharged their reasonable duty of care)

🔹  In total over 100 data points are collected from each insured client site. Data insights are shared with underwriters to confirm clients' attitude towards and adherence with risk management protocols

🔹  By investing in The SAFER Portal, a carrier helps:

      1) Its insureds: lowering accidents and total cost of risk

      2) Itself: saving claims costs, protecting margin and generating insights

      3) People using insured buildings: keeping them safe 

Why are slips a huge issue for underwriters?

By far the biggest driver of casualty losses

Slips cause the bulk of losses in most casualty books

This is a £1bn+ annual problem in the UK alone

Quickly erode profit on many accounts

  A single claim can wipe out years' profit on any given client

£10,000 is the average claim cost

Hands-on intervention is not cost-effective

  Premium is often too low for direct, practical risk management intervention (at sufficient scale to make a dent in the sheer volume of losses)

Existing at-scale risk management is ineffective

  Almost all advice & training is too generalist; too “fluffy”; and has no practical, implementable element – so it doesn’t make a difference

Year after year, slip-and-fall accidents happen, claims arise, and claims are paid. Isn't it time this changed?

How does The SAFER Portal solve these problems?

Digital, at-scale solution for unlimited clients

The entire book can benefit, irrespective of geography

Every single insured can make evidenced improvements

Proven, practical solutions to reduce frequency

  Implements road-tested, best practice slip safety tools to physically reduce risk in clients’ buildings

This drives down accident frequency

Produces claims defensibility evidence

  Tracks activity and adherence to produce claims defensibility evidence

Also provides valuable insights for underwriters

Shields against challenges of the hard market

Proves risk management activity and successes in the largest area driving loss ratios

  Facilitates sensible pricing discussions

We know how to prevent slip accidents and defend claims

£30m+ of UK claims prevented / defended

Over the last three years our hands-on work with clients has prevented over 3,000 UK hospital admissions; thereby stopping over £30m of slip claims

Clients typically see 50%+ fewer accidents

Across multiple sectors, in various environments in (and outside of) buildings, we have proven success at reducing slip accident frequency by at least 50%

Trusted by insurers, lawyers & blue-chips

We partner with leading insurers, brokers, law firms, floor suppliers, FM companies, H&S consultants etc. We support blue chip clients to drive business performance

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