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The Slip Safety Scorecard benchmarks your performance on the six factors that cause slip accidents. This identifies areas where you can drive up safety and reduce accident rates - typically by at least 50%.

Slips are the biggest cause of accident, injury and insurance claim in most sectors.

The average claim costs £10,000 which adds up to over £1bn a year.

95% of serious slips cause broken bones.

But slips are avoidable.

Take the Slip Safety Scorecard to learn how you can stop slips in your business

Why you should take the Slip Safety Test:

Learn about CHIMES

Get a detailed view on the six factors that cause slips - CHIMES (Contamination, Heel, Individual, Maintenance, Environment, Surface).

Slips are a recurring issue in most sectors because buildings tend to only focus on one or two of the CHIMES. Look at this holistically to drive results

Get a bespoke report

Your answers of the 40x questions will drive a personalised report, setting out how you currently perform on the 6x areas of CHIMES. Plus an overall score

Reduce harm in your business

Clients that have taken the Scorecard and implemented its recommendations typically see at least a 50% reduction in slip accidents. This can save £100,000's a year given the average claim costs £10,000

Take the Slip Safety Scorecard

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