Now you can have floors that are





Your choice used to be "look pretty" or "pretty slippery"...

As a specifier, building owner or facilities manager your options when it came to floors that could get wet or contaminated have always been binary:

Option 1: a textured, anti-slip surface that ticks risk boxes but typically doesn't look particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Or option 2: a beautifully presented floor that simply wouldn't be safe-when-wet or stand up to any scrutiny in the event of an insurance claim

But now you can have a beautiful floor that is also safe-when-wet

We can anti-slip treat shiny floors (stone, tiles, terrazzo etc) to make them safe-when-wet

A combination of quality cleaning chemicals, a polymer-based anti-slip treatment, high-specification machinery and specialist floor pads enables us to make any surface anti-slip when wet.

But we can also retain shine. This simply wasn't possible until now.

Slip safety efficacy is proven with the HSE-approved pendulum slip test. Both dry and wet

It's critical to scientifically test the slip-resistance of floor surfaces in both dry and wet conditions.

Many floor finishes and floorcare providers will claim to offer shine plus good slip resistance, but only in dry conditions.

Slips don't happen on dry floors. You need shiny and safe-when-wet.

Recommended by insurers, lawyers, floor suppliers and more

Slip Safety Services is the partner of choice for most leading insurance and risk management companies, law firms and floor suppliers (manufacturers and distributors).

Trusted to get it right.

Trusted to reduce slip risk from 1 in 2 to 1 in 1,000,000.

Trusted to reduce slip accidents by at least 50%.

Trusted to defend more claims.

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